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Drowning in Communication? It's the New Normal at Work

Heads up professionals - constant communication has officially taken over our jobs. According to a recent report from Grammarly and The Harris Poll, knowledge workers now spend a wild 88% of the work week talking to colleagues. And no, that typo wasn't me burying the lede for dramatic effect. 88 percent! Of the entire work week! Communicating!

It gets crazier. Millennial and Gen Z employees seem to be bearing the brunt of this chatter, spending up to 40 hours a week on communication. You know, basically an extra part-time job on top of their actual job. This non-stop talking, messaging and meeting is keeping young professionals logged on and burned out.

And if the time burden wasn't bad enough, get this - we can barely keep track of all the ways we're expected to communicate either. 84% of leaders are juggling more apps, channels, and inboxes than last year. One day we’re Slacking. Next we’re in the boardroom presenting. Then we're back to one-line-responses in our overflowing email. Frankly, my productivity is exhausted just thinking about keeping all those conversations straight.

Now let’s discuss the quality of this communication barrage, shall we? Short answer: not great. Employees spend 19 hours writing emails, documents, and messages. This totals almost half of a typical 40 hour workweek! But are these thorough, effective missives worth their weight? Apparently not. Misunderstandings still abound, revisions pile up, and nearly a third report simply lacking confidence in workplace communication.

What’s the solution for all us burned-out, overwhelmed communicators? 2 out of 3 workers actually want MORE tools to help communicate better! But not just more messy tech that fragments teams and wastes time. Employees need solutions focused on simplicity - AI that clarifies instead of complicates. Offerings like those from can help leaders communicate clearly across channels.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about communicating more. It’s about communicating better. Our productivity depends on it. Our stress levels demand it. And our future at work requires it. Let’s hope business communication gets the makeover it desperately needs!


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