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Optimizing Email for Internal Communication Impact

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Email persists as the #1 channel for organizational communications as confirmed by both Gallagher Group’s 2024 internal communication survey and analysis from message intelligence provider PoliteMail encompassing over 2 billion enterprise emails. But pressing “send” fails to guarantee employee comprehension. The path to productivity depends on engagement. Key data reveals email best practices:

Strategic Subject Lines

Analysis shows limiting subject lines to 7 words with personal senders lifts attention rates. Previews displaying relevance hold more power than extensive branding.

Brief, Focused Content

PoliteMail chronicles employee attention spans averaging just 1-2 minutes reading messages. Readership plunges over 250 words. Sending focused, scannable updates frequently outperforms quarterly overflowing emails.

Simplify Language

Messages written at a 4th grade reading level optimize comprehension. Complex sentences and excessive jargon negatively impact clarity.

Link Less, Highlight More

Data demonstrates every link beyond 6 dramatically sinks click-throughs. Prominently placing solely the most essential calls-to-action within text boosts interactions.

Leverage Historical Learning

Testing timing or length uncovers resonating approaches within unique organizational cultures, informing future communications. Measure engagement over mere opens.

Fine tuning language, length, and channel use increases workforce email productivity. Tracking performance metrics positions internal teams to excel.

Is your inbox optimized for impact?


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