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The Strategic Value of Communications Across the Project Lifecycle

Illustration of people working on a project

Recent research, like The Project Management Institute's 2023 Pulse of the Profession, underscores communications as the most critical skill driving project outcomes. Organizations prioritizing strategic "power skills" see 72% of projects successfully meeting business goals. Yet top-down support for building communications lags.

Where Communications Break Down

Gallagher Group's 2023 State of the Sector internal communication survey spots a consistent disconnect - only 25% of communicators are involved early in organizational change decisions. This late stage inclusion challenges strategic planning and alignment.

Assessing Communication Flows

PMI advocates assessing team communications skills as an "untapped opportunity" for improving project efficiency. Meanwhile, Gallagher's study finds only 29% of communicators' time goes towards strategic skills.

The Path Forward

Evidence demonstrates robust plans and cross-functional collaboration tightly link to project success. Solutions like CommsPlan's Project Communications Plan Template offer a blueprint for orchestrating impactful messaging across all stages. To maximize outcomes, leaders must supply development resources, assess flows, and involve strategists earlier.

Are you ensuring strategic communications are integrated across your project lifecycles?


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